It’s not that I don’t love  you all.  It’s also not that I’ve been languishing ill, unable to cook.  Stuff has been happening, lots of it.
Had people around for lunch last Sunday.  I cooked the below.


It was delicious.  I swear I hardly even needed to cook it.

Today the boyfriend’s parents came over for lunch so we made the pork and chorizo goulashy thing previously featured, as well as that non-baked cheesecake.  Nothing new to blog there.

Then on Tuesday we got a new pup – well, one we’re fostering till she gets better and can go to a permanent home.  I won’t burden you with the horror of her life so far but suffice to say it includes being dumped from a van on a dual carriageway and  being hit by and then trapped under a bus for an hour.


This was her on the way home in the car.  Scaredy sad fass.  We called her Boo.

Also I’ve still been doing that no-sugar (therefore no carbs, no fruit, nothing much but eggs and meat and cabbage – I smell GREAT) diet thing.


Bought these from Boots.  The coconut is the only non-retch one.  In case you were wondering.

Been doing lots of teaching-Boo-how-to-be-a-dog.  This has included Taking the Stairs 101 and Walking on a Lead 101.


With her tutor.


As you can see, she is fattening up nicely.  I hope to do the same soon, as we are off on a short vacation.  Back on the 18 March.  Chat then.

PS: if anyone has any tips about ace stuff to do on Gozo then please, do share.


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