Giant Pikelets

Pikelets are usually smallish palm-sized (or even a bit smaller) things that I remember Mum making, and then I would make, back home in Oz when growing up.  We’d use the big square electric frypan and cook a thousand odd shaped things that would then sit on a tea-towel draped plate for the hour or so it’d take us to eat them all, dripping in butter and jam.

Grown up version (ie: BIG) as follows, nice for brekky.  Also, easy.  Also, involves fruit so points for health.  Also, involves maple syrup, so points for high fructose corn syrup and memories of New York.

You  could have this with bacon and banana of course, if you like.  We didn’t.


1 cup milk

1 cup SR flour

1 egg

(so far so complex, eh?)

vanilla (personal touch, nice with the sugar-free mix)


Chuck all the ingredients into a bowl.  CHUCK THEM.


Whisk.  It’s very complicated, this recipe, I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to make it without totally ruining things.


Get into your coat and sort yourself a reusable shopping bag.  Craftily hide your last-night’s-wine eyes behind a pair of sunglasses and just blag the bed-hair like it’s deliberate.

Go to the shop.


Buy some yoghurt, some berries, some syrup.  Also buy something that was billed as passionfruit, but looks like no passionfruit you’ve ever seen before.


In a pan melt a little butter over a moderate heat, then spoon in about 3 or so tablespoons of the mixture.

Cook till the bubbles come to the surface, as demonstrated above.  One or two will pop – that’s your cue to get the egg-flip out and turn that thing over.


Voila.  Cook for about another minute or so then flip onto a plate.


If you leave your phone at just the right spot on the kitchen counter, you might get a photo like this, a photo of a dog begging the shit out of everything.


Serve as you wish, I prefer a pile of yoghurt and fruit and syrup.  The weird passionfruit tasted oddly ok but was, as the boyfriend accurately described, somewhat ‘frogspawny’.  Won’t be having it again.


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