Risotto, mushroomed

Hi.  Tonight we’re making risotto with mushrooms and bacon.  It’s absolutely everything we shouldn’t be eating.  It’s GREAT.


Get together:-

arborio rice

olive oil


few rashers of bacon

dried mushrooms (mixed or porcini)

fresh mushrooms

white wine.  I couldn’t find a bottle of white wine so pretend the bottle of  water in the above photo is wine.  Thanks.


Shit.  I forgot.  You’ll also want some butter, garlic and parmesan.  Also some parsley, ideally, although I forgot that tonight.

I’ve also just remembered you’ll want some chicken stock.


Soak the dried mushrooms for about half an hour in some warm water.


Drain them well, keep that brown juicy juice.  Ooooh yeah.


Finely dice the onion and garlic, and chop up both kinds of mushies, and the bacon.


At this point the boyfriend will come home.  Remember that he’s a bit Italian and therefore likely to be a risotto expert?  Let him stir through the onions and garlic over a low heat, in some warmed oil and a bit of butter.  Let him do this and add the bacon.

Then tell him he can do no further cooking, after he’s added the rice and a good generous slosh or two of white wine, coating the rice nicely.


By the way, I ended up finding this in the fridge. Not classy but it’ll do.  I used it.


Stir and stir and stir while the wine absorbs.


Add the mushroom juice in bits.  Stir.  Stir some more.  You’ll be doing a lot of stirring.  Get over it.  As the liquid is absorbed add more, moving onto the stock after you’ve used up the mushroom juices.


It’ll start looking a bit like this.  Strangely it starts to go a bit creamy, that’s good, means you’ve been doing a good amount of stirring and helping the rice let go of all those starches it’s been holding onto, resentfully.

There’s no absolutes with risotto.  You need to keep stirring, adding more stock, stirring.  Keep on at this for at least 20 mins or so.  You’ll know when it’s ready as the rice will have a little bite left to it but the risotto moves a bit lazily but well as you move it about.  Taste it.  Add some black cracked pepper.


When it’s a couple minutes from done, add a bit more butter and some grated parmesan.  Take off the heat and stir through.


Not sure if you can tell but there is a small white core to this rice grain.  I sucked all the risotto sauce off it to take this photo.  You’re welcome.  Hope you enjoy my chipped nailpolish, too.  That happened in a meeting earlier this afternoon.  It was a long meeting, I started chipping, I couldn’t stop.


Risotto, complete.  Debloodylicious.


Thought you may enjoy the selection of brilliant autobiographies at the local library.  Quality.


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