Mum’s Cheesecake

I love my Mum’s cheesecake.  It’s an uncooked cheesecake which I know sends some people into a vomity spin, but it’s only uncooked cause it’s not got any ingredients which require cooking.  And, if you like, you can cook the base a bit  just to get the oven involved.

There is room for cooked and uncooked cheescake in this world.  If you’re going uncooked and you like lemony sharp flavours, then this’ll be right up your street.  Or road.  Or avenue.  Whatever.


Get together 3 tubs of Philly cheese (you’ll note I’ve got 4 here, that’s cause in Oz Philly comes in blocks, like butter, at 250g but the measly tubs here are at 200g so I bought 4 just in case)

Butter, bout 75g

small packet of digestive biscuits, or Granitas if you are reading in Australia

Lemons, to taste.  Lots, if you come from my family.

Tin of condensed milk (not evaporated, yeah?)

Springform tin, greased, or just a pie dish, depending on what you have/what you prefer.


Mulch the biscuits.  There are various ways to do this, in a whizz is the easiest but my handheld version is absolutely shit so I assault the biscuits whilst still in their packet, using the bulk of the condensed milk tin to do the majority of the work for me, and then crumble the rest into a bowl with my fingers.


When crumbled, add the melted butter.  Combine.


Press into the tin.  Here is one way.  It’s a bit cackhanded.  Make sure you press it down firmly.


Look!  A Buttery Biscuit Base!  At this stage you can just refrigerate it or stick in an oven at gas mark 4 or so for 8 mins.  Entirely up to you.  If you go the oven route, which I did today, when you take it out of the oven chuck it in the fridge for 5 mins or so before putting the filling in.


In another bowl throw in three tubs of Philly cheese and the whole tin of condensed milk.  Bloody hell condensed milk is amazing stuff.  It gives life, I swear.


It’s time for lemons.  In my family, lemons are GOD.  This is a cool lemon juicing thingy my mate Fi gave me and it’s my new favourite reason to cook.  Get squeezing in the juice, no pips or pulp if you can help it.


I squeezed in this many lemon halves, then got the boyfriend to check the mix.  He said it was fine, so I of course added in another half of juice.  The amount you’ll want in there is entirely to your own tastes.  When I have a slice of this cheesecake, if my lips don’t shrink like an old lady when she sees a young girl in a too-short skirt , then it’s not got enough lemon in it.


Mix it all up – I used a hand-held double beater thingy for that (sounds rude, isn’t), getting all the lumps out of the cheese, getting it all nice and smooth.


Pour onto the base.  I have made a bit of sides to the buttery biscuit base today.  I believe this was probably an error but no matter.  Stick the stuff in, refrigerate for a few hours.


In my family we have been known to not bother making the base, we just stand around a bowl of newly-made filling and snarl whilst our spoons jostle for access.


If you’ve got a dog, like this one, they’ll be quite happy to help with the washing of the recyclable items.


One thought on “Mum’s Cheesecake

  1. Mel says:

    This uncooked method is also ace if you want to do all soft fruits in it, like strawberry or whatever. And some lemon, so you don’t get withdrawal symptoms

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