Chicken in Pie

The boyfriend requested pie.  Cause we’re on health I decided to make pie with pastry only on the top.  I care about our hearts.

This pie is chicken with leek and mushroom.  It’s bloody good.


Get yourself together:-

a sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry.  use Jus-Rol.  I am not paid to say that, it’s just the best.

tray of chicken thighs, boned

tray of mushrooms (I used chestnut, I like them)

four smallish leeks, or three medium



bout 500ml of chicken stock

thyme (I wanted tarragon but bloody Waitrose had none, so I had lemon thyme.  Was quite nice)

egg for glazing


Get yourself a wine cause it’s Friday.  Or any other day of the week but for me it’s cause it’s Friday.

Don’t look too happy, people will talk.


Finely slice the leeks, chop up the mushrooms if they need chopping, and chop the chicken into chunks.  See above for reference.  S’not rocket science, is it?



Fry off the chicken in those annoying batches.  Put to one side.


Then fry off the leek and mushrooms for 3-4 minutes or so, till they soften.  Put in a bowl, to one side.


Melt a tablespoon of butter in the pan, then add a tablespoon of flour.  Whisk it into a paste, cook off for a minute or so (if you don’t do this cooking off bit your sauce will taste like flour and it’ll be all your fault).  Pour in a bit of the warm stock and whisk.  Then pour in a bit more and whisk some more.  It’ll look like the above at some point. Panic not.  Continue with the whisk-stock-whisk-stock process till all the stock has been added.


Keep whisking till it thickens to a point that you’d be happy to eat in some kind of pie-type foodstuff.  Bit thicker than demonstrated above, ideally.


Put the chicken and leeks and mushrooms back in, along with the herb of your choice.  It should be pretty well salted from the stock but a good round of cracked black pepper at this stage will do you no harm at all.  Cook it over the heat for a few more minutes to combine.


Pour into your pie dish.  I am sure this will work as a pie with pastry top and bottom and if you do that then line the greased dish with your pastry and chill in the fridge for a bit before putting the cooled filling in.  I threw in the hot mix as-is cause we’re going pastry-free when it comes to bottoms tonight.

The bird thing is for letting the steam out when it cooks.  I’m using it cause I have it.  If I didn’t have it I’d just cut some holes in the top of the pastry.  Tech.


Holes like this.


Lay the puff  pastry over the top of the pie dish and decorate as you fancy.  The above crust-crimping technique is how it goes in my family.  Delicate, huh?

Put in a pre-heated oven at Gas Mark 6 for around 30 mins or so.


You may be driven to further bad-tempered drink due to your bloody shit oven.


Your bloody shit oven that requires foil-based shennanigans such as the above.

Anyway, it’ll come out good, I promise.


See?  The filling is well yum.  We ate it with broccoli and new potatoes.  The bird thing died, obviously, from hot oven burns.


This is Zombie Dog.  She will eat your face, and then your soul.


3 thoughts on “Chicken in Pie

  1. Ugeine says:

    Good read, mind if I ask what the foil was for? My oven’s proper rubbish as well, and that might help.

  2. Ugeine says:

    Aaah, fair enough. Cheers.

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