A Cure – Pork, Chorizo & other stuff Stew

OMG. Where’d all the words go?

There were a lot of words on this here post, about being drunk and eating KFC and not having a hangover but needing food and stuff anyway.


OK here goes again.



Get the oven on at Gas Mark 3 and collect:-

750g skinless and boneless pork belly.

whole chorizo

medium sized onion

garlic – I used 4 cloves

smoked paprika

pancetta – at least 150g but more is also good

beans – this time I used borlotti but cannellini would also work


red wine

tin of tomatoes


Roughly chop up the onions and garlic.

Don’t play with your food.

Roughly chop the chorizo, too.  It probably deserves the rough treatment.

Then cut the pork up into big chunks.


Should look something like this upon completion.


This is the dog pretending not to like pork fat.  She’s a big fat liar.  She loved it, in fact she’s probably upstairs now chundering up the big stack of it she ate, somewhere under the spare bed.


In a biggish casserole dish brown off the pork in chunks., over a high heat  I used a bit of olive oil here.  Do it in batches even tho’ it’s a pain.  It’s worth it.


By the end you’ll have a plate full of half-cooked pork and a sticky casserole dish.  That’s right.


Throw in the pancetta and cook till it starts to go golden.


Then lower the heat a bit and add the onions and garlic, cooking a bit.


Then add the chorizo and a good teaspoon of the smoked paprika.  By this time the bottom of the casserole dish will look beyond redemption.  It’s not, don’t fret.


Throw in the tinned tomatoes.  Magically all the gooey goodness will arise, like Lazarus, from the casserole bottom.  Make sure it’s all got.  it’s good stuff, you want it.


Check the wine for drinkability.  If it’s ok to drink, then put about 150ml in the casserole.  If it’s not, then drink it anyway and open another bottle.


Add water, enough to cover the meat.

Stick it in the oven for 2 hours.


Some lovely ice cubes my Mum (hi Mum!) sent me for Australia Day.  I trust you all celebrated appropriately.


This is bout 90mins of cooking in….at 2 hours put in a can of drained and rinsed beans.  Stick it back in the oven, lid off, for another 20-20 mins.  Then eat.  Eat on an empty stomach.


Finito! I’d like some sour cream and coriander in this. Stuck a bit of lemon juice on it in the bowl. V nice.


2 thoughts on “A Cure – Pork, Chorizo & other stuff Stew

  1. ediblethings says:

    I am also all hungover, and so I am in need of Jacket potatoes. This stew would be amazing with a jacket potato.

  2. Is my browser playing up or is there a new tax on words, sentences and paragraphs?

    Lovely stew mind.

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