Chilli, in these cold times

I’ve taken a risk. I’ve made chilli, one of the boyfriend’s specialities. Obviously I can’t mess it up. Also, I never really made or ate chilli before I met him so I’m kind of new to it but I think, already, that mine is better than his. Course it is. This doesn’t take very long to cook, is quite delicious, can be eaten with any number of side dishes and ways, and will allow you some leftovers as, like bolognaise sauce, it’s often (always) better the next day. Stupid chilli. I’m never better the next day.


Get together a load of ingredients as above. The include:-

500g beef mince

couple cloves garlic

one onion

a carrot

a capsicum (or pepper, if you’re not australian)


ground cumin

paprika (we liked smoked in our house)

hot chilli powder, or medium, depends on what you have or like


balsamic vinegar

red kidney beans


Oh, and some jalapenos for serving, if you like them. And a tin of tomatoes. Chopped if you have them, no matter if not.


Oh, and some beef stock. I prefer this kind, slosh a bit into about half a pint or so of hot water from the tap.


Finely chop the onion, carrot and garlic and chuck in a pan with a teaspoon of marjoram (not in the ingredients photo, I thought of that later), teaspoon of paprika, teaspoon of hot chilli powder and teaspoon of ground cumin. And some salt and pepper. Slosh in some vegetable oil and cook over a lowish heat, cooking not burning.


When it’s cooked down a bit, chuck in the finely diced chorizo and capsicum. Doesn’t matter what colour capsicum. The yellow one was the least mouldy so that’s why it made it into tonight’s chilli. The red one was a bit green, so it’s now in the bin, crying bitter tears over a wasted life.

Cook it all a bit more, stirring.


Then put in your mince, having turned the heat up a bit higher – you want to brown the mince, you don’t want it to juice up. I hate the texture of mince unless it’s all broken up, so get chopping. Chop away with that wooden spoon.


Till it looks a bit like this. This is on the way to satisfactory but is not there yet.


There’ll be bombs of mince, like this one, hiding from you.


Kill them. Explode them, pulverise them.


Till it all looks like this, browned and crisp and even. Not really. You don’t want it crisp.


Then throw in a good slug of balsamic vinegar, bout 2 tablespoons of tomato puree, the can of tomatoes and their juice and stir through, then add the beef stock. Cook it a bit over a lowered heat until it’s simmering, then cover a bit with a lid or plate or whatever you have and let it bubble away.


Go check on the boyfriend to make sure he stays away from your chilli-making. You’ll find him otherwise engaged with Skyrim, battling dragons and vampires and acquiring potions of minor healing.

Your chilli is safe.


Wake the dog up and tease her with some smoked mackerel. That stuff reeks, I don’t know how you English stand it. Dog likes it, but she’s English. Comes from Devon, actually.

Anyway, 10 mins of simmering means chuck in the rinsed kidney beans, then after another 10 mins of simmering your chilli is done. If you can stand it, let it stand for about 10 mins or so, will help things along.
Serve with whatever you fancy. We tend to eat it with wraps (not rice) with creme fraiche and cheddar. Boyfriend also has jalapenos as well as chipotle sauce.


He has a thing for burritos. I am keeping a close eye on it to make sure he stays safe. This, above, is how he eats his chilli.


This is how I eat mine. Parsley. Love it. To be fair, some coriander and a squeeze of lime juice would be nice, too.


And finally, a word of warning. Next time you have a bbq in July, don’t leave it to the following January to clean your bbq, else you be faced with Mould Monsters, as demonstrated below.




One thought on “Chilli, in these cold times

  1. ediblethings says:

    Your chilli looks well good. I make one with similar stuff, but I cut up chuck steak into itty bits, cos I like the texture better

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