This is how I made apple and raspberry crumble.  It’s a bit crappy (the post) as I was cooking really fast and haven’t taken enough photos, nor is it very step by step but the end result is bloody delicious so take my word for it and just make some.

Get together:-

apples (I was feeding the whole host, as per the pasticcio post, and so used 12 apples, but halve that amount I suppose, for a more reasonable amount)


about 3/4 cup brown sugar (doesn’t really matter what kind, don’t believe what anyone says, I used light brown this time)

cinnamon or allspice

plain flour


butter (depends on how much crumble you’re making.  I think this time I used about 125g or so).


Peel and slice the apples.  This’ll be the most pain-in-the-arse bit.  I used Bramleys.  I never use them normally and I’ve remembered why – they go to baby mush pretty much immediately for the most part, whilst others will never soften at all.  I don’t think it matters what you use really.  If you want a mushy crumble, use Bramleys, if you don’t, use a different apple.


Chuck them in a saucepan with a squeeze of lemon juice if you have it, no matter if not, most of the sugar and a good amount of cinnamon or allspice to taste.  You can stick a clove or three in here if you’re feeling fancy.  I wasn’t.  I was feeling rushed.  And hot.  Splosh a little bit of water to stop it all sticking to the bottom and put over a medium heat to cook a bit.  Basically when it all looks about 2/3 cooked turn the heat off.


In a bowl put about a cup of rolled oats (optional but recommended), a cup and a half of plain flour and another half cup of sugar.  Then slice up your butter into little bits and ‘rub’ in.  This is a boring but useful technique you’ll need to use for scones and other delicious but slightly labour-intensive baked goods.  Smooch the tips of your fingers against your thumbs, rubbing together the butter and dry ingredients till they begin to look a bit breadcrumby.  I hate doing this.

I’ve not yet found a good intermediate cheat so I’m afraid you’re stuck with it.

If the mix isn’t looking buttery enough, crumble-y enough, chuck in some more butter, as I’ve done above.  Then you might think it looks a bit too buttery.  Like I did.  Chuck in some more flour.  I’m of the opinion it doesn’t really matter, you’ll get to know what ‘feels’ right and you can never have too much crumble on a crumble anyway.


It should kind of look like the above.


And have the superpower of keeping its shape when you compress it.  Then returning to breadcrumb-y-ness when you loosen it all up again.  Handy superpower, that.

Layer the washed raspberries along the bottom of your baking dish then spoon the cooked apples on top.  Chuck on the crumble topping and sprinkle with more brown sugar.  Truly, don’t worry about any sugar-lumps – they make delicious toffee in the oven and are good for identifying cavities once eaten.


It’ll look a bit like this when you’re done.  See those sugary lumps?  Dentist’s friends, they are.

Stick it in a moderate oven for about 25-30 minutes or until it looks golden on top and some of the fruit juices are bubbling away around the sides.  Eat with custard and/or ice cream.

I didn’t get any photos of this cooked cause I was busy.  Nor did I get any pics of the second lot we heated up the last night my Aussie nephews were here, I was getting ready to play poker.


I won a lot of chips off those boys, oh yes.  I love beating children at games.  They need to learn sometime that losing is life.


2 thoughts on “Crumbled

  1. ediblethings says:

    My mum hates rubbing butter into flour for pastry too. She has this odd contraption, that is essentially 4-5 wires attached to a wooden handle in a horseshoe shape. She uses this instead. I have no idea what it is called, and a quick scout of lakeland has not come up with any results, but you could try and find one in a good cookware shop?

    I can’t get on with it personally, but horses for courses and all that!

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