Choccie Biscuits


After a time of restraint and good health, such as Christmas offers, I thought today a great day to make really buttery, rich chocolate cookies.  Technically I’m making them to take to Wales, where we’ll be spending New Year’s, but we’re not due there till the day after tomorrow, via a night in Herefordshire, so how well they survive (ie: if they survive at all) is still up for discussion.

You’ll want your oven on at 180C or about gas mark 5-ish:-

125g softened butter

vanilla extract

1 1/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar (it says this but I’ve not yet, to date, ever put this much sugar in it, nor am I sold on it must be brown sugar – today I used a combination of leftover demarara and caster sugar and they turned out just fine)

1 egg

1 cup (150g) plain flour

1/4 cup (35g) self raising flour

1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1/3 cup cocoa powder

and whatever choc bits you like.  M&Ms, mini melts, etc.  Today we went for white choc chip.


The recipe is above, it’s out of that same Women’s Weekly book that I got the brownie recipe from.  I think.  I have a few.  It might be different.


You’re supposed to soften the butter.  Inevitably I don’t so I spent about 10 mins chopping it up into extremely small bits so it softens in about 10 seconds.  See above.  It works fine.


Beat the butter, egg, vanilla and sugar together but you don’t need to do it till light and fluffy or anything, just till it’s combined.  These bikkies are ace because they have a big of a sugary crunch at the end and I think it’s cause they’re not blended to within an inch of their life.


Next, dump in both flours, the bicarb soda and cocoa powder.  It’ll look like a lot of dry stuff for not much wet stuff.   You’ll be right.  Get mixing.


Keep mixing.  It’ll gradually get to this stage.  I’m not going to pretend this bit is fun.  It’s not.


At about this stage of mixed-ness, add the choc bits.  Keep mixing.


Keep testing your arm.  If you take it away from the bowl and it looks like this, your mix is probably about right.


It’ll look like this.  Basically it takes a good few minutes of hardcore cutting in and mixing but it does combine.  It’s a dry but sticky mixture.  Fear not.


Today I’ve gone for bikkies about this size pre-cooking.  I’ve done the same mix twice as big, all good, still delicious.  They don’t need rolling or anything, just lightly ball them up, as it were, trying not to be neat about it.


Stick on a tray, thusly.  I pat mine down a bit, as demonstrated above.  It probably doesn’t do anything much but it makes me feel so much more in control of things.  Put them in the oven and they take only 10 minutes to cook.  I rotate my tray half-way through because of shit oven-ness, as you already know and are probably bored of already.  Biscuits are good, you know.  Short timescales = relatively immediate gratification.


If you eat some mix, and you don’t lick your teeth properly, they’ll look like this.  You really need to work hard to hide the evidence you’ve had your face in the bowl.


When you take them out of the oven let them cool on the tray for a few minutes to get a bit of body back.  Then transfer to a cooling rack.  Repeat till all the mix is used up.


They should have this nice crackly finish, shiny from the butter and sugar.  Eat warm with milk or cold with coffee.  Eat fast.  They tend to be popular.


BTW the dog wishes you warm felicitations for the Xmas and New Year period.  She really means it.


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