Panettone as Pudding

Hullo.  Today we’re making bread and butter pudding with panettone instead of bread.  It’s cause it’s Christmas.  Couple things first – you might have ancient traditional recipes for custard, for how you slice the bread/panettone and what flavours you like.  Keep those, go mad with them, in fact.    This is just me having a go with the recipe coming BANG!  out of my brain, this afternoon.  I think it’s turned out a bit eggy, actually, so that means I’ll have to eat it all as the boyfriend doesn’t like eggy stuff.  Oops.

Get together:

Panettone (any flavour you like, you don’t need a big one unless you’re making a mammoth pudding)



Eggs (bout 3 I reckon, I used 4 and think it’s prob a tad too much)

Milk (bout 350ml – some people add cream, too – s’up to you – I didn’t this time).

Sugar (as much as you like really – it’s all about taste – will also depend what fruit you use – as a minimum about 25g I should think)

Allspice or nutmeg.  We have allspice today cause I couldn’t find the nutmeg.  The spice jar cupboard is a bit out of control, I’m afraid.

The most out-of-season fruit you can find, if you like fruit.  Today I found apricots.  I owe a lot of carbon offset donations for that one.  I put the fruit in cause it mostly acts as a fresh and not-sweet foil to the sweet custard.  It’s not really traditional, it’s just my preference.  Leave it out if you don’t fancy it.

I halve the apricots.  See demonstrated above the very safe, not-at-all dangerous de-stoning technique I personally prefer.

Here are the various stages of apricot.

(i)  Whole

(ii) Halved with stone

(iii) Halved, without stone and with frypan

Put the fruit, whatever it is (as long as it’s not berries, they don’t need pre-cooking) into a frypan with a few splodges of butter, and cook them up.  Nice.

At this point realise the kitchen lighting doesn’t really light the worktop so use another extremely safe home-DIY solution and fix the lights.  You hate those lights.

This stuff is aces.   You want some of this in your cupboard, as well as the good vanilla extract.

Put the milk (and cream if you choose), eggs, vanilla, sugar and spice into a jug or mixing bowl.  Use about this much allspice (do include spilled and still spooned amounts…).  Whisk vigorously.  I didn’t do that bit quite vigorously enough and found a couple of gross cooked whites in the final dish.  You don’t want that to happen.  It’s bad.

By this stage your fruit should be cooked but not mushy, yet able to be mushed.  It’s a technical thing, that.  Take them off the heat.

Slice your panettone thusly, if thusly is your style.

Smoosh the cooked, warm fruit along the bottom of the buttered oven dish.  It really doesn’t need to be neat, maybe here pretend you’re Jamie Oliver and get messy.

Place your slices of buttered panettone in the dish.  I have been quite neat here.  Pleasing.  Don’t feel the pressure to be neat, it really won’t make it taste any better.

Pour in the custard eggy milky vanilla-y mix.  Push the panettone down into it till it absorbs the custard and looks a bit like the above.  I used a whisk to push it down.  It was already dirty and I didn’t want to use a clean spoon.

Put it all in a moderate oven, I used Gas Mark 4.

Your worktop will probably look something like this when you’re done.  I’m usually much neater.  I think this blog has changed me.

This is the dog refusing to shake hands (? paws?) with me in exchange for a piece of panettone.  See that look of resignation in her eyes?

It’s cause she knew she was going to do it.  Now she’s shaking my paw (? hand?) but can’t look me in the eye.  She ate that panettone fast, then ran upstairs.  She’s probably still crying with shame up there.

Bout 30 mins in check the pudding.  Because of my – ALL TOGETHER NOW – shit oven, I put some foil over it about now.  You might not have to.  For another 20 mins I let it rumble away, then have 5 more minutes without the foil to crisp the top.

Look!  It’s pretty cute.  Let it settle for a bit, and although that’ll mean the dramatic mountains of panettone currently evident will dimish somewhat, it’s kind of killer-hot at first.  Serve with whatever you like – custard and/or icecream is go.

NOTE  : I have just eaten some.  It’s fine and not too eggy.  Basically the eggs help it set, so you need to be sensible about how many you put in for the amount of liquid milk and cream you’ll have – 3 as a minimum and then upwards depending on milky volume.


2 thoughts on “Panettone as Pudding

  1. Mel says:

    This is a quite good use for panetone, but I don’t like bread and butter pudding, so I made mine into all sherry trifle instead. I am supposed to be writing about it, but instead I am in Australia. I hope to get around to it soon.

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